Moon is still in Libra for most of today, so if there’s any situation in your life that you’ve been feeling is unfair in any way NOW is the time to write out in bullet points what you feel would be fair & why & initiate a meeting to negotiate an outcome you feel is mutually honouring.

(If asking for a pay rise, be sure to outline what you have done well & the benefits gained by the other person, which will highlight your value to them.)

Moon in Libra is when people are most able to hear your point of view & give it due cause for consideration – so if you’ve been complaining privately or even feeling resentful in your own thoughts, this is the optimal time to raise your concerns in a pragmatic way that illustrates your case in black & white.

Present your terms then give them the time & space to consider it so they feel free to make up their own mind.

Equality starts with how we represent ourselves.

Blessings on your day,


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