Moon is still waning in Libra today. Libra lunar transits give us the ability to rise above situations which may ordinarily trigger us. This is because Libra is a cerebral air sign…making us more prone to analysis than feeling.

Overall today ought to be pretty cruisey – with the emotional forecast predicting no outbursts, road rage or tantrums to navigate, placate or side-step. (Yes, Libra doesn’t like mess.)

Libra moon does however, highlight the state of our relationships. Not just intimate partnerships but all forms of relating. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself reflecting on a particular friendship, dynamic with a family member or work colleague…especially if you feel there’s some imbalance needing to be addressed or unresolved discord playing on your psyche.

Ultimately Libra invites us to play well with others. To be the peacemaker in the face of opposition, to thrive on the challenge of strategising to ensure every team member is making an even contribution & identify ways to ensure harmony through inspired co-operation.

So…you will feel fulfilled today if you apply your grey matter to solve a social challenge.

Since our relationships reflect the state of interplay between all our inner aspects, it stands to reason that our relationships are enhanced the more we understand & heal ourselves.

If you’d like me to be your tour guide through your psyche, meeting all the inner aspects that map your soul – check out my book, ‘Sacred Union’.

Volume One, ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ teaches you about your inner marriage & how it impacts all your human interactions & Volume Two, ‘Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships’ has inspired ideas to connect every facet of your psyche with your Beloved.

Blessings on your day,


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