Moon is still in Libra but not making any major aspects so today should be pretty graceful.

We are heading into Scorpio later on today…

So if you’ve got anything you need to speak to clear the air or get something off your chest, DO IT NOW while we’re in co-operative Libra who’s able to hear both side & contemplate what it is to walk in another’s shoes…

Otherwise you may find you explode once the intensity of Scorpio starts to simmer then boil & you’re not able to communicate clearly due to huge emotion behind your words.

This is a good day for beautifying your space, which will have a calming effect on everyone to help see you through the next couple of days.

Start by bringing fresh flowers in to lift your Spirits every time you look upon them. Whether you have the pleasure of picking them from your garden or local wildflowers or visit your local greengrocer or florist & beam with happiness as you walk along the street holding your flowers. Flowers when we look upon them open not just out heart, but the chakra (energy centers) which emits the same colour as our bloom. Flower therapy!

Yes, beauty heals.

Blessings on your day,


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