The moon is now waxing in Libra. Libra is an air sign, making this an ideal day to get out in the fresh air & inhale deeply to clear your mind. (Provided you don’t live in downtown Beijing).

Air is the element of the mind so if you’ve been finding it hard to think straight, chances are you’re mentally overwrought. This occurs when we try to process too many things over a prolonged period of time – & like a computer with too many programs & tabs open, we start to experience mental blanks & stress.

If you relate to this, seize the day to defrag your mental state by unplugging from all technology & doing one or more of the following:

go for a walk in nature
do something fun to destress
do something sensual like cooking or gardening to draw the energy down into your body
read a relaxing fiction or light-hearted book like cartoons
put on some music & dance
Doing any of these things will help you unwind so then you can just BE or enter the stillness within. If we try to go from 5th gear: an overwound mental state straight into neutral: meditation we drive ourselves crazy with inner mental chatter so let yourself slow down before putting pressure on yourself to be Zen.

Blessings on your day,


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