The moon is still waning in Libra so this highlights our patterns of relating.
So this is a good time to consider the relationships we have in our life which are harmonious & ask, ‘What dynamics contribute to this sense of mutual harmony?’
Often these will be our friendships. Why?
Friends are those who we feel aligned with in our values.
There are less expectations with friends than we have with our intimate partners, since we don’t usually live with them or have shared finances, so our survival issues don’t get triggered.
The best friendships have an even amount of give & take. So both feel equally heard & supported through life’s ups and downs. A true friend will always affirm our greatest strengths so when we forget them, they remind us.
Friends are a constant, when partnerships come & go.
However, the best partnerships are built on a solid foundation of friendship.
So do whatever your intuition urges you to do today to nurture the spirit of friendship in your life.
You may like to share this post with a friend who gifts you this kind of support to let them know how much you appreciate & value them.

Blessings on your day,