Moon begins the day void (not aspecting any planets) currently so a good day to regroup before it moves into Libra at 02.43am Melbourne Australia time – to convert that into your local time visit


The moon is currently waning so this is generally a time of coming back to the self. A good time to schedule some free time with oneself to just BE…to listen to what your inner self feels like doing rather than what the mind says you should be doing.

The more of this kind of quality time with Self we can set aside the less stressed we are & the easier we cope with things not going according to plan.

If you find that you find it hard to not be constantly on the go try scheduling in the time with yourself just as you would with a friend or colleague in your diary.

Often it is this need for time with Self that sees many stay up til the wee hours which habitually is not good for our endocrine system which resets itself at midnight only if we’re in a deep sleep state. Look at how you can gift yourself some time out of time – which is why faery tales start with the words, ‘Once upon a time’ to transport us to a place beyond this reality. If it’s been too long since you really had some time out (that didn’t involve a naughty corner or court penalty) perhaps sit & read a faery tale.

Consider going to your local library if you don’t have a storybook at home & opening the book on a page with the intent, ‘what wisdom do I most need from this book’. This is ancient Celtic oracle tradition.

Blessings on your day,