Moon is still waning in Libra, making this a great time to review what was out of balance last year & how that impacted on you & those around you…especially while the sun is still Capricorn, the sign of discipline & structure, helping us to implement daily, weekly & monthly actions to anchor more balance in the coming year.

In all of existence there are two poles; active & passive & we tend to embody one more than the other. So it helps to make a conscious effort to do more of the other polarity in order to experience greater balance & harmony. The more we polarize into either over-doing or under-doing, the more tension & conflict we create – both internally & externally.

Libra also asks us to consider how well we co-operate with others & take time to consider things from others point of view. If we are not doing this, we’re likely to create a situation during a lunar transit in Libra where someone impresses upon us what it is like from their point of view to rouse us from our cock-eyed view of reality.

We’ve got a few challenging aspects currently. Luna is also forming a square to both Pluto & the Sun as well as Saturn which may bring up intense internal emotional struggles and feelings of separateness, so trust that you may need to discuss / confront last year’s disappointments & regrets so you can be accountable for your part in them before you can move forwards without blame, victim-hood or resentment toward others.

Just as sometimes we need to lance a boil & let out all that has been festering in order for true healing to occur rather than just a band-aid solution. (Apologies for leaving you with that graphic visual.)

So maybe declare today, ‘Opposite Day’ as a 24 hr commitment to become more balanced & do the opposite of what you would normally do in any given situation. For example, if you usually talk – listen. If you usually lead – follow. If you usually criticize – accept. If you usually avoid eye contact with strangers – look them in the eye & smile. If you normally wear black – wear color.

Blessings on your day