Moon is now in Libra so if you got the house ‘spick & span’ as Luna left Virgo yesterday this is a great day to invite some friends over with Luna being in her most social of signs.

Libra is a day for enjoying beautiful things so if your house still looks like a bombsite arrange to meet somewhere more aesthetically pleasing…such as an art gallery, manicured gardens or eat some edible art at a french patisserie or Japanese restaurant. If staying in, this is a day to bring our your nice teacups!

Libra is also the optimal lunar sign if you want your bread & cakes to rise well so dare to strap on your gingham & head to the kitchen if its been a while. If you need a bit of inspiration I thoroughly recommend a re-watch of the film, ‘Julie & Julia’ starring the dame Meryl Streep (or as she’s known on Sesame Street, ‘Merle Sheep’.)

The stars are aligned for a happy Thursday – doing things you like with people you love (so make the most of it before we dive deep into our crap in the following days as she heads into Scorpio.)

The only word of warning is, with the Moon forming a square to Jupiter, if you are teetering on the edge of imbalance in any area of your life, but especially in the realm of relationships you may get a pink slip that something needs reviewing.

All in all, a lovely day ahead.

Blessings on your day,