Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon in Libra 


Moon is waxing in Libra…so you may feel a little indecisive during this lunar transit (regardless of your sun sign) as Libra helps us see an issue both or all sides. 


Whilst this is great for human relations – ensuring we really appreciate how a situation is for others, it can add to confusion if we can’t see a win / win solution. 


The lesson is to look at an issue from both sides then decide on the middle path. (Easier said than done.)


So if you’re given an opportunity to choose conflict or mediation as a road to resolution today…start by inviting the other party to tell you how it is for them & why & what they feel they need & why. Then they will be more open to hearing it from your side. (Again, easier said than done.)


With a Scorpio full moon arising we run the risk of being so blinded by emotion that we can forget our negotiation skills – this window as Luna moves through Libra before moving into Scorpio is the window to have peace talks if you feel like you might blow your stack with what remains unspoken but felt.

Remember, the middle path is where love blossoms. :)


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Blessings on your day,