Moon in Libra

Jul 17, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Libra

Moon is moving into Libra today so any discomfort experienced in the body during the Virgo moon transit  should now start to ease.

Moon in Libra illuminates how well we co-operate with others. For example, do we take the time to explain ourselves thoroughly without being patronizing or do we expect others to know what we mean then treat them like they’re at fault for not understanding?

Moon in Libra is a great time for doing a SWOT analysis with all your team mates if you want greater co-operation. Whether that’s your family, sports team, work colleagues or homework project members.

To do that write down the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each team member. For real collaboration only can occur when we take the time to acknowledge what each person contributes. This enables roles and expectations to be clearly defined so goals and responsibilities can then be honoured.

For example, your teenage son may be an IT wiz as a strength, be non-communicative as a weakness, be up for teaching you how to do online tasks, such as create a website and blog for your home based business in exchange for driving lessons as the opportunity and the threat may be he doesn’t finish tasks by their due date, based on his school assignments. Through discussing this potential saboteur you can explain how the date of completion affects you and draw up an agreement in writing stating lessons will occur at which times after the completion of your website.

Libra is all about negotiation which ensures everyone’s needs are met and all is fair. These are great life skills to use both at work and at home to teach our kids the rewards of effective communication and collaboration.

When we consider we live in a holographic multi-verse where the actions we take in the microcosm will be be reflected in the macrocosm it is an act of world peace to ensure you are working in a spirit of co-operation with those around you. This is far more pro-active than passively complaining about the lack of co-operation shown by world leaders.

While the moon changes sign every 2.5 days, we’re also influenced by the individual planets that govern each day of the week.
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Blessings on your day,




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