Moon is now in Libra which is the sign that puts the focus on relationships.

Libra is one of the most social signs, so even if it’s a work day do consider taking a moment to tee up some lovely events you can look forward to sharing with your favorite folk.

You may wish to create a regular catch up session so months don’t slip by without seeing your friends…making this year your most connected yet. The more connected we are, the happier we feel.

Technology has meant we do more of our interaction online which can never replace spending time together laughing, hugging & sharing a meal in person. So maybe take a moment to close your eyes & ask whose company gifts you the most smiles & make a date to see them – in person if possible, or maybe on Skype.

Moon in Libra is also a great time to:

– Bake cakes (as they rise & turn out well)
– Beautify your environment or appearance
– Plan social activities
– Catch up with friends & host events
– resolve disputes

Blessings on your day,


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