The moon is now in Libra. Making this the window to have diplomatic conversations to ensure everyone’s needs are understood so fair outcomes can be achieved.

If we act upon our intuition to discuss any issues that have the potential to be a source of stress we will avoid a possible altercation when the moon moves into the next sign of Scorpio. (Scorpio’s sub-ruler is Mars so emotions can run high and be volatile.)

Libra moon can cause us to put off bringing up anything which could be viewed as unpleasant, especially if there is an underlying fear of losing approval in another’s eyes.

However, assertion is one of the key strengths evoked by this moon sign so don’t put off anything you can sort today with a clarifying conversation.

Before any conversation with another, be it a work colleague, family member or friend, take a moment to self-examine your own contribution so you can extend goodwill to inspire reciprocity.

The moon now shines on those who initiate in the spirit of co-operation.

Blessing on your day,

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