Moon is still in Libra highlighting opportunities to cooperate with others to create win / win outcomes where everyone gets their needs met. I nice time for going with the flow & doing what feels good trusting that this will create more serendipity (unexpected moments of providence).

We are now also entering the seasonal vortex of Imbolc in the Southern hemisphere & Lughnasad in the Northern hemisphere.

For those of you in the Southern continents this is a time of starting to unfurl like a fern after a period of contraction & inward introspection during the darker months of Autumn / Winter.For those of you in the Northern continents this is a time to start focusing on your needs after being focused outward during the brighter months of Spring & Summer.

Those closer to the equator won’t feel this shift as much as those closer to the poles – where the polarities are felt more acutely.

These few days are an opportunity to realize what you have learned over the past season – perhaps share this around the table as you break bread with loved ones, friends or in a sharing circle to honour the passing wheel of Mother Nature who is our greatest teacher if we attune to the lesson at each of her seasonal gateways.

Blessings on your day,


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