Moon in Libra

Aug 29, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Libra

Moon is now void and will move into Libra  at 7.44pm (Melbourne, Australia time (To convert that into your local time visit here) which will put the focus on all of our partnerships – be they romantic, business, domestic or close platonic friendships. 

With sun in Virgo, this may bring to the fore what is needed for growth to occur in all our partnerships and friendships. 

For some this may mean letting go of expectations that others grow the way you think they should. 

For others, this may mean letting go gracefully, if your time together is coming to an end. 

People are always coming and going in our lives as change is the true nature of life, so why should our interactions be any different? 

Libra moon helps us to maintain harmony and grace by recognising our own imbalance rather than dismissing our relationships as ‘black and white’ with a right and wrong outcome. 

Regardless of the outcome of any relationship, the challenge is to remain grateful…for that’s been shared and mutually learned. 

This is what it means to honour change within ourselves and each other. 

When we blame the other, it is often a sign we are not acknowledging a change that needs to be made within ourselves or our own life. 

When we resist change we dishonour the gift of life. If we outgrow those we are once close with, our mind can interpret this as some sort of failure. However change is inevitable, so growing – whether it be together or apart, is better than stagnation or destruction and may indicate we’ve done exactly what we came together to do, to help each other grow. 

So do express your gratitude today for all who have played a role in helping you learn more about yourself through identifying your own imbalances. This may mean recognising where the extremes or polarities have illuminated your shadow to help your perception of self to be more whole.

Blessings on your day,


With the sun now in Virgo it’s time to review our routines and start new habits that optimise our health and happiness.

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