The moon is now waxing temporarily in Libra which is the sign of teamwork & order before entering void of course then Scorpio later today as the moon moves from Libra to the next sign of Scorpio it will be void…meaning it won’t be making any aspects to any planets from 12.05pm Melbourne time until 7.41pm when it enters Scorpio. While void we can feel a bit spacey and is not an ideal time to make decisions. To find out the exact time in your location when the moon will be out of the void zone click here

So if you need something done today consider calling upon the grace & charm of Libra to inspire others to help you. Specifically, this is a great window to start a project to beautify your home or garden. Why?
Libra grants us the ability to create aesthetically & in a spirit of cooperation so everyone feels like their contribution is valued which brings out their best creative effort.

Libra is also the most rational of signs who can form a workable plan. This aids us in identifying the strengths & weaknesses of everyone involved so we can delegate accordingly to get the best result which feels uplifting all round.
Libra also helps us to communicate how much we appreciate the efforts of others. This engenders good will all round to achieve the best possible outcome. So if you’re someone who tends to do everything rather than risk being let down by others, take a moment to write down the pattern of breakdown which occurs from conception to co-creation.
Doing this rationally helps us heal our fear of social interaction by helping us isolate the step we miss in our interaction with others. Steps such as being clear with our expectations, explaining clearly the parameters of the required task, such as timelines & how we deal with the unexpected.

The strength of Libra is working step-by-step…so ponder the steps you find challenging to create more harmony in everything you do.

Blessings on your day,