Moon is now in Libra so you may experience some indecision today, particularly if you have Sun, Moon or your rising sign in Libra or a lot of planets in the 7th house which is ruled by Libra. (To find out if you do you can get a free birth chart from

Moon transiting through the constellation of Libra is a great time to strategise – remembering that success is where ‘luck meets preparation’. So be ready to greet your good fortune by investing the time in laying the necessary groundwork so you are supporting yourself to succeed in whatever is closest to your heart.

Moon in Libra evokes the archetypal energy of Athena, the golden heroine who helps us to break down a vision into a step-by-step process so we can enjoy small measurable successes rather than give up in overwhelm at the enormity of the overall goal.

So invoke the assistance of Athena (the universal energy we express through our solar plexus energy center if you wish to shine brighter with each small fear you overcome to achieve something that once seemed unachievable

Blessings on your day,


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