Moon is waning in Pisces which evokes the energy of our inner wise woman. A visit from her can feel like the urge
for a doona day since feelings of reclusivity and sensitivity are often feared as a return of the black dog (depression),
making our inner wise woman, Hecate an archetype we often resist.

So if you’re finding it hard to get out of bed & get on with your day as the moon moves through Pisces, you are not
alone. If you’re feeling extra whingey (or your partner, pets and kids are) – it is again Pisces amplifying your acute

Know this will pass. Make allowances. Play calm music in the car and at home to hold everyone emotionally. Draw a
bath & put lavender oil and vibrational essences (like Rescue Remedy) in the bathwater.

Here’s a beautiful CD I put on whenever I feel fragile – it’s such a sensitive album created with great intent. Highly recommend…it’s called, ‘Meditations on Love’ by David Jones & Friends. (Musical soundscapes to soothe)

Here’s the link:

Here is the verse from the album cover for your contemplation:
‘Love that heals…a love beyond physicality, beyond sensuality…
Love that absorbs all sorrow… universal Love beyond all pain and anger…
The Need of this time, the need of all souls.
To absorb oneself in the Ocean of Love.
This is the soul’s quest – to transcend the grasping and
pleading for love. To accept the highest love – here and now. Beyond worry and fear.
This is the journey. To reconnect and be the clean, clear conduit of the highest Love.

To allow the small ego to rest forever.
Love sublime.’

Blessings on your day, be gentle and kind.

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