Moon is now in Pisces so, regardless of your sign you may feel extra sensitive to everything and everyone as Luna is almost full, making our inner self harder to contain!

Center yourself in the heart to avoid feeling like ‘the white rabbit’ ruled by your fears, which can fuel a perpetual state of anxiety. To do this, place your hand on your heart and with your awareness on this energy center, breathe in and out of your heart space. Playing harp music will also assist. I highly recommend, ‘Dancing in the Garden by harpist and composer, Michael Johnson. Here’s the link to download MP3’s for your daily commuting to keep you calm:

The heart is the central chakra, which is why we literally feel centered when we come home to the heart. This is why heart centered music soothes the nerves, as we move from being focused on manic thoughts to quieter feelings. You may also want to take magnesium or rescue remedy to support your nervous system. Both can be applied topically to assist pets and children.

Magnesium will also help reduce muscle spasms which can cause headaches due to a state of fearful contraction.Such a big surge of Piscean energy may see you reaching for a bottle of wine (hence the saying, ‘drink like a fish’) but much better to feel your emotions rather than suppress them.Alternatively, try bathing in warm water with salt and lavender to cleanse your energy field and relax.

Since Pisces is a water sign, bathing in warm water is the best medicine for overwhelm when the moon is full in any of the water signs.If you have to function out in the world, dab some lavender essential oil on a hanky and inhale or dab behind your ear sand under your nose.

Above all be gentle with yourself and those around you.Blessings on your day,