Happy Full Moon in Pisces! Pisces is the sign of karma – the effects of our past actions. So if you’re tempted to spiral into a durge of victim / martyrdom (the swan song of drama for the final sign on the zodiac) check yourself & trace the thread back to your choices & expectations, conscious or otherwise which set your current chain of events in motion. If you still can’t see your hand in the card the fickle finger of fate has dealt you, go find a hypnotherapist for some past life regression to identify what unresolved karmic debt you hauled into this lifetime. (You may not have been all love & light in your past incarnations. I have seen more than one previous incarnation which I’m not proud of.)

My Word to the Wise…Another shadow trait of Pisces is deception – including self-deception.So if there’s anyone in your immediate vicinity trying to pull the wool over your eyes & using emotional guilt or other forms of emotional manipulation to fool you, NOW is the time to be on the alert so you can catch them red-handed in the act – the best solution for those karma chameleons trying to outwit the universal law of cause & effect. Why? This full moon eclipse will make it hard for those yet to learn the power of karma to resist pulling a swifty, so this is your prior notice to be on the watch for those your intuition says are prone to shady behaviour.

Empaths Beware! Emotional manipulation works particularly well on those of us who are empathic – which means we can’t stand to feel the emotional pain of others. So what’s the antidote? Using our intuition to discern the truth of a situation on all levels. Fortunately, heightened intuition is a strength of Pisces. (We’re always given what we need by the benevolent universe to equip us for each challenge we face.)

What Do I Mean By Shady? Those who use their third eye to en-trance & manipulate others to do their bidding or tell bold faced lies with the charm & sincerity of a professional hustler & with no consideration for the effect of their actions on others.

Parents Note: This includes some of our kids who know how to play our emotional buttons like Bach on a harpsichord!