Moon is now in Pisces, making it a challenge to return from the Netherworld upon waking. Since Pisces heightens our sensitivities you may find any area of weakness feels magnified. This can lead to quite a ‘poor me’ attitude creating sooky behaviour – such as dreaming you had a personal carer or wait staff to attend to your needs, to assist you in your hour of need – you are not alone and this state of extreme pathos will pass! Knowing this can help to accept the current state of play rather than fight it or spiral into feelings of shame and self rejection. May it also develop feelings of compassion for those born under this constellation and have to journey with this level of sensitivity on a daily basis!

On the positive side, Pisces also heightens our psychic abilities. So pay attention to subtle nuances today. These are the impressions, observances, knowings, visions and random thoughts that can be so fleeting and understated that we can miss them in our haste to attend to our plans. We all have them. The idea that some have ‘the gift’ and others do not, is akin to saying some can lift a specified weight and others can not. It is like a muscle that develops as we honour its function and use it. Just as we have earthly senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight, we also have subtle senses: clairvoyance (clear inner sight), clairaudience (clear inner hearing), clairsentience (clear inner sensing), intuition (inner knowing) and precognition (fore-knowing). To function at a high level of competency we need to embrace these natural gifts of human potential rather than fearing them. They are
the expression of our inner self or soul and necessary for our evolution so we can honour ourselves and each other
with greater awareness and personal responsibility.

If you would like more information on how to develop these aspects, read ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ which is a manual for awakening the full spectrum of light within your energy field. Here’s the link for both ebook &
paperback versions:

Creating Sacred Union Within

Blessings on your day,