Moon is currently void as she moves through the last degrees of Aquarius. So be gentle with yourself as we move as one, towards Pisces.

Pisces is the most sensitive of all the signs. This is why it is the last. By the time we arrive in Pisces, we have become so aware of the cost the old way of doing things is having upon us – so we are ready to concede the time has come to let go – to try a new way.

Pisces asks us to confront what is no longer working for us, this takes us deep within so we may seek a different perspective – far from the madding crowd in the counsel of our inner mystic.

Pisces is a water sign, so when Luna shines her light from this constellation we can dissolve into the depths to feel the grief we haven’t expressed the rest of the month.

Note: If you are choking on phelgm, (sorry about the graphic) but if you are constantly coughing due to mucus in your chest or blowing your nose – this indicates your body is storing unexpressed tears that need to flow. So allow yourself to be the sensitive being you are divinely designed to be.

Let yourself feel. Really feel – to the point of overwhelm. This is when we really let go & allow ourselves to be bathed anew in the baptism of our own humility.

Because it is scary to feel all at sea, we often try to mask our despair by borrowing strength from anger or judgement. Such states keep us locked in a prison of torment & the key is to give way to feeling the tender & raw states that lie beneath.

Crying clear & brightens our eyes, so we may see with the soft eyes of love & the wisdom of the mystic.

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