Moon is currently in Pisces, perhaps the most emotional of all the signs which can lead to martyred thinking so be sure to check yourself if you start hearing yourself sighing heavily.
Pisces is very sensitive, which gives us a wonderful ability to perceive & sense what lies beyond the physical realm, so long as we honour our sensitivities by ensuring we stay centered & calm.
For when we are sensitive, but continue to expose ourselves to situations which agitate our nervous system, we can see our sensitivity as a weakness rather than a barometer which informs us on what is counter-productive for our highest growth.

Miscommunications could cause emotional eruptions so be sure to double check the facts before investing in a story about what you think is true & make allowances for messages not to be received or other interruptions to communications caused by technological anomalies. So ask questions before making assumptions & ensure you listen to what your 6th sense is telling you to do or you may find your nerves get rattled, ultimately by your own choices.

Blessings on your day