Moon is now in Pisces so you may feel extra sensitive today – both psychically & emotionally. If you feel emotion surfacing, try not to suppress or override it by shutting down your heart or bracing yourself with energetic armoring, as is the cultural expectation – instead, allow yourself to feel so the release of energy can inform you of what action is needed to honor your feelings.

With Moon in Pisces today may present a catalyst for change in your relationships. If you can, try to spend time at home today or in a sacred space that is honoring of our vulnerabilities that make us human.
Many will be feeling the probing of sun in Scorpio pushing you to confront what needs to change in your life for you to be in alignment with your deepest truth. So if all is breaking down within the chrysalis…allow the process. The
element of water allows rigidity to soften and new growth to flourish.
For us to be in divine flow, we have to allow everything to flow – including our emotions.
When the channel is clear of emotion (which is heavy when unexpressed) we feel light & clear – receptive to new
All is well…

Blessings on your day,