Moon is now waning in Pisces so everyone will be feeling more sensitive than usual. If we’re not aware of this, taking responsibility for attending to our fear based thoughts, we can unwittingly be drawn into an unconscious game of ‘Who’s the biggest victim?’

Obviously this is the kind of interaction has no winners as each takes it in turn to affirm they have it worse than the other. Playing this kind of one-downmanship when Luna is moving through the most psychic of signs is akin to welcoming more trouble to your door.

So try to exercise extra mindfulness around the words you speak during this lunar transit if you want to affirm a positive reality & outcome to any present frustrations.

Pisces moon is a good time to spend quiet time on your own as much as possible as we’re more easily affected by the energy fields & emotional vibrations of other’s words. Meditation is easier during a Pisces moon so soothe your sensitivities with some peaceful sounds, calming beauty & turning within.

Rain often falls during a lunar transit through this water sign, helping us to soften into our feminine way of being – so if you dissolve into water embrace it as a much needed blessing for your growth.

Blessings on your day,


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