Luna is still in Pisces today, so you may feel dreamy and want to return to the dreaming between the worlds rather than land in your body & have to deal with physical reality – you are not alone.

The dreaming is of course the place of creation, the place where we sort the seeds of our psyche and weave the threads for a new creation.

This is why the Waitaha, the inhabitants of Lemuria – the first civilization on Earth would sleep in the one room to share their dreaming.

This is also why we bond so deeply with those we sleep with, because we weave our threads in the stars with them. So should there be a time to part, the unravelling of that creates a need to not just grieve what was, but all the possibilities not yet woven into form.

Walk gently through this time of increased sensitivity – knowing this is not all there is. Our greatness lies beyond our comprehension when we awaken to the world of form.

Blessings on your day,


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