Moon in Pisces

May 28, 2019

The moon is still in Pisces today.

Pisces moon means we’re likely to have wet weather, so pack an umbrella if heading out & leave the car out if it needs a wash. 🙂 Why? Pisces is a water sign & we often get rain when the moon’s in a water sign…unless you’re living in Iraq.

Avoid Missing the Bus / Train / Car Pool

Pisces moon is also the most challenging sign to ‘rise & shine’ in the morning. So you’re likely to need extra sleep since this sign is ruled by Neptune the planet of sleep & dreams. So try to get an early night & set your snooze alarm (or two if you have to be somewhere on time!)

Compassion Is the Answer

Pisces is the sign of compassion. Compassion is our ability to hold a space of reverence for the suffering of others. This requires we respond from our heart instead of our head, although it may be tempting to want to fix or save another with practical suggestions.

Often before someone can even contemplate getting out of a hole they just need to debrief from their traumatic experience & release the associated feelings. When they feel truly heard from a place of non-judgment they are then able to move on & contemplate practical strategies of self-help.

Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?

Whilst we’d all like to be a continuous font of compassion, we’re all human & doing the best we can managing our own wounds & personal struggles created from our own limited perceptions.

Compassion fatigue is when we harden our hearts in order to cope because we’re not wanting to connect with our feeling capacity lest we dissolve into the backlog of personal pain we’re carrying. This means we’re not fully available to support others on all levels so we can come off as being cold, indifferent or callous. It’s a sign that we’re just full up & needing to debrief.

We are more likely to experience compassion fatigue if we’re in a position of care-giving without adequate support for the woes in our own burden basket (to quote a lovely term from the Native American tradition).

This is often common in service professions, such as nursing, disability care, hospitality, teaching, social work, therapists, healers & parents (especially single-parents or those caring for family members with special needs).

What To Do About It?

Get to a women’s circle such as a Red Tent if you’re female once a month to be supported in debriefing from your experiences. Or if you’re male, get to a men’s circle.

I have a directory of Red Tent women’s circles being held around the world by women who have done my training here:

Unfortunately none of the men who have done my training to date have listed their circles on my men’s circle directory.

If you can’t get to a circle, make an appointment with a counsellor on a monthly basis or agree to catch up with a friend for a regular debrief.

For those wanting to start a circle in their community registrations are currently open for all my facilitator courses:

Red Tent:

Feminine Rites of Passage:

Brotherhood Lodge:

Enjoy & feel free to share…



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