Grandmother Moon is still waning in Pisces so be mindful of not bombarding your consciousness with too much external stimulus or you may be prone to headaches.

This is because Pisces is the most deeply internal of all the signs. So if we haven’t given ourselves enough ‘down time’ to process & integrate all of our experiences in the waking world, our body will sound the alarm by making us so sensitive to light that we must unplug & go within.

It is in the dark that we can truly see – truly know. For this is the place of no distraction, only truth – trusting our heart’s knowing.

We are taught to fear the dark by those who have not faced their own fears but it’s only through our willingness to face our fears of what is beyond the rational that we find the peace of acceptance within our own heart.

Pisces evokes our inner wise woman, whose lesson is to learn to see in the dark, to trust our inner light to guide us. Those who awaken this shamanic ability receive ‘jaguar medicine’ the ability to see the light in the darkness. (To the point of seeing cat’s eyes staring back at you in the dark when you experience kriyas (surges of light energy up your spinal cord.)

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