Moon is now void as she moves through the last degrees of the last sign, Pisces – so if there’s a situation that has become untenable it will come to a head today (causing you to feel like a victim / martyr). Do not spiral down into defeatism or tower over others in righteous indignation or you are just feeding the drama.

This is just a catalyst to get you to let it go, or rather the attitude & attachment you have to viewing it in a certain way.

For it is the story we create about an event that does the real damage.

It is our own perception that heals or harms.

So bring the awareness back from external events, to the witness within & ask with humility, ‘What is my lesson in this?’

Otherwise we anchor the story everytime we recount it to anyone who’ll listen. It’s time to give up your stories – they keep us in struggle, torment & create dis-ease on all 7 bodies of our energy field…until we manifest it in the most dense body, your physical body.



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