Happy Full Moon in Pisces! Unlike other full moons when you’re likely to want to fiesta till the dawn – this one is likely to induce a dreamstate – regardless of whether you’re sleeping or awake, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams.

One of the major lessons of Pisces is not to see ourselves as either a victim or martyr. So to avoid swinging between this polarity by feeling sorry for yourself – count your blessings, literally by writing down everything you have to be grateful for & doubling it!

Pisces is the sign of the recluse. So don’t be surprised if you feel like locking yourself away to just be with your own thoughts & feel extra sensitive to brash irritants – ranging from loud noises to those who impose their beliefs or personal process on you. A good night to camp alone & vision with Mugwort tea if you’re so inclined!

This full moon may see the completion of some major life lesson, given Pisces is the final sign of the World Saviour when we each have the opportunity to see where we’ve been contributing to the problems in our world & instead start being part of the solution.

Those of you with loved ones beyond the veil of our physical world, may sense them around you today so do not fear you are going mad if you perceive their presence through a sign or sensation. Take the invitation to commune on the inner worlds & discover all your unseen guides.

Above all, be gentle with yourself in this acutely sensitive sign today. Play restful music to soothe your nerves & remember gentleness is the greatest strength (just saw a wild deer in my yard to confirm this!)

For more about the energies of this full moon read my astro forecast here https://themoonwoman.com/astro-forecast/

Blessings on your day,


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