The moon is now in Pisces…so it’s Looney Tunes time!

Yes, those who have opened their third eye energy centre suddenly due to unintegrated trauma, may struggle to discern what’s in this reality & what’s in another dimension. Why?

Pisces is the most psychically open & sensitive of all the signs. So this is not a time to be taking drugs if you want to stay sane. This is a time to find more gentle ways to access altered states, such as herbal visioning teas, meditation, scrying into candlelight reflecting in dark water or painting mandalas.

If we take the time to consciously integrate the phenomena we experience through our subtle senses during a window like this, we can expand our awareness & experience transcendent states through merging with the collective consciousness.

If, on the other hand our psyche is fragmented from unhealed episodes, we can experience the shadow side of psychic sensitivity & feel neurotic & paranoid with an overwhelming sense of fear.

Since Pisces is a water sign, it’s deeply healing for our psyche & soothing for our nerves to submerge ourselves in the element of water – be it a warm bath or a cool river, depending on your climate.

Similarly, the more we can become like this element of water; soft, allowing, flowing, non-attached & reflective, the more our nervous system will heal & illnesses created through nervous exhaustion will dissipate.

Gentle music is another great way to soothe your nerves during this window of heightened sensitivity.

Blessings on your day,


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