Moon is now waxing in Pisces, so you may find you have really vivid dreams. For many this will be a wake-up call from your subconscious to bring you into greater alignment with your soul.

Given we are so close to the full moon, you may feel very emotional or restless. Trust this will pass & try not to react with fear to anything that triggers past wounds while Luna moves through this final sign.

Alternatively you may experience a wake-up call in your waking world through an unexpected situation, causing you to re-evaluate your life & where you’re heading.

If you find yourself dealing with such a catalyst, do remember that the word crises means ‘opportunity’. So if you find yourself dealing with some kind of tumultuous change, try to respond from the soul rather than the ego. The soul focuses on the lesson & make adjustments accordingly, whereas the ego reacts to the outward drama, which perpetuates it.

Today is a day to consider what situations must end if we are to birth new conditions with upcoming full moon in Aries, the sign of new beginnings.

Go gently & blessings on your day,


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