Moon is still waxing in Pisces, so you may feel dreamy & sleep heavily for the next day or so.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic, so do be sure to listen to your intuition which will be more pronounced than ever!

We use our subtle senses all the time, often without realising – from understanding the very young who can’t use words to communicate, to sensing what a lover is feeling or the vibe a potential home gives us.

So this is a great window to bring mindfulness to your subtle senses & realise how much your inner GPS is always there & always guiding you.

You may wish to use this lunar transit through Pisces to hone your subtle senses by doing fun activities such as guessing each other’s thoughts, such as a shape, colour or number, predicting which lift will open first or who is calling (without looking at it for caller ID). The board game ‘Mastermind’ is great to play with kids to teach them how to trust in the first sense they get to guess a sequence of colours…as this is a life skill that will ensure they always attune to their inner knowing.

Blessings on your day,


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