Moon is still waxing in Pisces, a water sign which asks us to enter the mystery rather than trying to keep control by planning every inch of our lives.

If you fear relinquishing control, for fear of the unknown immerse yourself in the element of water. For natural bodies of water are portals to the netherworld – the inner realms where our souls reside.

This is why swimming in the waters of Mother Nature help us to feel reborn, reconnected with our true essence.

If the seasons in your neck of the woods, don’t permit swimming at this time of year visit a bath house or draw a steaming bath with oils & candles & let all your plans dissolve, surrendering everything up to Highest Will.

This is the ultimate relaxation – letting go & letting God/dess!

This is also the best technique to employ when we desire something – set a clear intent & then hand it over to Highest Will. This directs the energy & also allows for something even greater which your rational mind cannot perceive from your current viewpoint.

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