The moon is still waxing in Pisces, making this the window to activate our inner mystic. Why?

Pisces evokes the archetypal mystic. The feminine aspect who governs the third eye, the gateway to the inner realms. In Greek myth she was known as Hecate, the wise woman or crone.

She is the elder woman who we have access to in our inner landscape at any age if we take the time to go within. Hecate helps us to see the inner realms as as real as the outer realms. One informs the other.

Those who negate the inner realms as mere fantasy, imagination or don’t make it a priority to spend time on the inner planes try to get everything from their outer reality, resulting in obsession with desire & consumption. The more time we spend in the inner realms the more peaceful we become & the more full we feel from our communion with the infinite.

Mysticism is the philosophical path which seeks union with the divine through direct experience rather than intellectual beliefs.

Since Pisces is the final sign in our hero’s journey, this is the time when we surrender to a higher power for there is simply nothing else to do.

A good day to light a candle & go within.

Blessings on your day,



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