The moon is still in Pisces, which is the sign that can be the most challenging to ‘rise & shine’ in the morning since it’s governed by Neptune the planet of sleep, dreams & inner worlds.

So avoid late nights if you don’t want to resemble a Picasso painting in the morning.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic. So pay attention to the signs being offered to you from the Dreaming of Great Mystery & be open to allowing the waking & sleeping worlds to merge.

Moon in Pisces is a time for walking between the worlds, integrating soul lessons rationally by allowing your perspective to shift from analytical to whimsical.

Mysticism is direct communion with the Divine.

We shift into a mystic state when we look between the lines, beyond the obvious & read the symbolism of every happening moment to moment. When we do this we re-enter the mystery, the world we knew as children & life becomes a magical adventure.

So prepared to be surprised & delighted…

Blessings on your day,


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