Moon is moving into Pisces today so if you feel like a snooze, you won’t be alone.

Pisces is the sign of sleep & dreams, ruled by Neptune so we often find we need more sleep when the moon transits through this sign…& our dreams are more vivid than usual.

So if you do have a really powerful dream, do try & record it so you can reflect back on it & delve deeper into the meaning your subconscious mind was trying to convey.

Whether you draw the images or write them down, or discuss your dream over breakfast is up to you – but the more you stop to acknowledge it the less quickly it will fade from the access of your rational mind.

Pisces is also the most psychic of all the signs, so people are more likely to have prophetic dreams during a Pisces moon. If you have a dream of something unsavoury, rather than going into panic that it’s a sign of things to come…calm your nerves with herbal tea, warm baths or meditation as when one is in a state of nervous anxiety it completely clouds one’s subtle senses.

Blessings on your day,


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