Moon is still waxing in Pisces, so you may feel a wee bit tender today in every sense, so look after your sensitivities today & they’ll look after you.

In other words, eat the sort of foods you know you can digest easily, avoid harsh environments & people if you can, play music to soothe your nerves, burn lavender oil or dab on your temples & give yourself enough time to get where you need to be.

Pisces is the mystic of the signs. A mystic is the aspect of us which perceives more than meets the eye. In other words, those who have developed this archetype, which governs the third eye energy center take information in through all their senses, not just their physical ones.

This means they sense, know & attune to the inner planes of existence to get a sense of where the soul is at & trying to communicate in any situation, rather than just what the ego is trying to project.

This is why people have feared mystics through the less enlightened times in our collective history & why mystics have been persecuted. Simply put, those who fear what they will find within themselves, should they dare to venture in are afraid of messengers who can see what they aren’t willing to face.

That said, if you do consult a mystic, they’re intuitive guidance should resonate with your own inner knowing – because deep down we all know & recognise what is true…sometimes we can just need someone else to confirm it for us.

If you’d like to develop your inner mystic, take the inner journey to meet your inner mystic with the guided meditation I recorded to meet this inner archetype in my double album of 8 x Goddess meditations & then read about her & empower her with processes in the Hecate chapter of my book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’. You can buy these as a bundle here¬†

Blessings on your day,


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