Moon is still in Pisces, so you may find it hard to get going as the pull of sleep pulls you deeper into the sub-conscious to process unfinished business in your psyche in the form of intense dreams.

Trying to fight this is akin to being caught in a rip in the ocean, so allow it to be so – even if that means being late for work. One day ‘Dream troubles’ will be as acceptable as ‘car troubles’ as a two word explanation for one’s absence. 🙂

Adding to sleep disturbances may be a case of the ‘monkey mind’ – the incessant mental chatter which doesn’t allow you to have a truly restful slumber.

Lavender essential oil is a great remedy for insomnia so try adding a few drops to a bath before bed or dab a drop on each temple. Baths are ideal as the descending body temp after bath aids us in drifting off to sleep.

Luna will complete her journey through the sign of Pisces at 7:17pm tonight Melbourne, Australia time when she arrives in Aries…so we’re likely to ‘fire up’ later on after a dreamy day.

Blessings on yours,


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