Moon is almost void as she makes her way through the final degrees of Aquarius and into Pisces.

S0 you may feel as if things have gone out of focus. That’s because Pisces takes us deep between the worlds into our sensing abilities so the rational mind is not as sharp.

Do try to resist coffee or other substances to ‘wake up’ rationally & over-ride this semi-trance state, as this is likely to send your finely tuned subtle senses into highly strung anxiety.

Pisces is the sign of karmic lessons. So you may find the Universe tests in some way to see if you really have learned your lessons from past experience. For instance if someone from your past appears offering you a familiar dance, recall what you learned from the previous cycle with them to discern whether the offer has a familiar ring to it.

We break the karmic confusion of ‘going round in circles’ by taking time out in solitude to reflect. Moon in Pisces is the ideal time to do this.

The more we become truly still & clear, the less we’ll repeat self-sabotaging choices.

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