The moon is still in Pisces so allow yourself to enter the space between the worlds today – by giving yourself time & headspace to wander back & forth across the bridge between your subconscious & conscious…as crossing this bridge helps us identify & transcend the stories which wear us out by keeping us chasing our tail.

The past fortnight leading up to the recent new moon in Aquarius will have illuminated for many what old thinking & patterns of behaviour are not conducive to the Aquarian way of being. Why?

We’re all transitioning into the 2000 year astrological Age of Aquarius as we each learn to live in the light frequencies of the electromagnetic field known as the Photon Belt, which demands we each raise our personal vibration by consciously choosing to walk a path other than fear & control.

Pisces helps us to really acknowledge the choice we have to not keep repeating the past through worry & compulsive behaviours, by evoking the inner mystic & looking beyond the veil of this reality.

To that end, you may have vivid dreams & feel quite open & spacey today.

This is an opportunity to surrender to a new way of being, beyond moment-to-moment conscious decision making which keeps us firmly in our rational mind.

Try instead today walking in innocence by not presuming to know or seeking to know but practicing radical trust in the cosmic weaving of highest will.

May your day be blessed,


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