Today is New Moon in Pisces. 

Pisces moon takes us deep to feel that which we may have done our best to avoid acknowledging. So if you have been feeling eclipsed by your fears or sadness in the lead up to this new moon – you’re completely in alignment with the process of life. Nothing is wrong or needing to be fixed.

Pisces invites us to go deep & risk the madness by feeling the chaos completely, so we can then find a stillness beyond all stories.

A journey with Pisces reminds us there is much more to our reality than what is readily seen – so allow yourself the time & space to slip between the veils & enter the mystery to birth a new perspective.

This is the process which will enable a quantum leap in your inner & outer life this leap year.

Only those willing to traverse the depths will garner the impetus to soar higher like a starburst & harness the full potential of Jupiter conjunct the north node to expand beyond who they thought they were.

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