Moon is entering void from Aquarius (making no major aspects) before going waxing in Pisces today, so you may find it hard to wake up & get going today as our collective inner self moves through this constellation of dreams.
Pisces moon opens our subtle senses. So we’re more likely to pick up on the subtle vibrations of thoughts & feelings of those around us – including the collective thought forms & emotional miasmas.

So if you feel like you just don’t have the energy to face the world today, don’t fight it – embrace the inner pull & create a time & space to meditate. Soul weariness is a sign that one needs to reconnect to the Source of all life. So if you go within, with the intent of connecting to the light within all this will help you to ‘break on through to the other side’ (in the words of Jim Morrison of “the Doors’).
Pisces is the sign of the inner mystic. If we don’t embrace this aspect in our lives, we end up feeling jaded & cynical as the rational mind cannot conceive the big picture – that being the innate perfection of the divine plan.
The ultimate healing balm for feelings of disillusionment is complete surrender & sometimes this needs to become a daily practice if our ego is persistent in presenting arguments as to why we should cling to our fear-based pain. So if you find yourself in a slump today, surrender your day to Divine Will & allow it to become the mystery it was always intended to be.

Blessings on your day,