Luna moves through the final degrees of Pisces today, becoming void before entering Aries so you may feel dreamy & the pillow may be harder to leave than usual.

Void moon occurs when the moon moves from one constellation to the next & doesn’t form any major angles (known as aspects) to other planets. Since the moon rules our inner self & emotional body we can feel a bit like we’ve been cut adrift & a tad disconnected from those around us during a void moon.

Void moon is however a good time for entering the Dreaming, (the inner world) by communing with existence within the privacy of our own psyche, irrespective of anyone else.

This is especially so when the moon is in Pisces, which is the most mystic & meditative of all the constellations. So instead of chiding yourself for feeling vague today – embrace the opportunity to go deep within…to find some time to enter the void & be completely still, open & receptive to the wisdom of Great Mystery.

This is often easier with the help of transcendental music, candlelight or holding a crystal such as moonstone, amethyst or selenite. Today is extra potent for meditation and sacred ceremony as it’s the exact half way point between the Equinox and the Solstice – Samhain (Halloween) in the Northern hemisphere and Beltane (rites of Spring) in the Southern hemisphere. The dates were changed when Pope Gregory removed days from the calendars…more about that in my book, Goddess Wisdom  

Blessings on this magical of days!