The moon continues waxing in Pisces, when the moon transits through Pisces we’re asked to review the past
and learn from it to become wise. It is the sign of the mystic, one who seeks to make sense of the mystery by asking what mythic and archetypal lessons are being presented in our waking reality as reflections of our inner landscape.
Only by exposing it fully, can it eventually be healed. Like a boil, if left alone, it will continue to fester.

I am also reminded of the Native American teaching of ‘the good enemy’. The appearance of someone who is so controversial that they galvanise the people who stand together as one against them. How? They cause us to really examine our values and commit to them.
The challenge we face during a Pisces transit is to not dissolve into complete victimhood by over-identifying with our past wounds and wearing them as a badge of honour…or attaching to suffering as a way of being.

The Divine Plan is never wrong and this is the sign of faith. So it makes sense our faith is tested if we can’t see how it all makes sense. This is the sign of chaos. This result will usher in chaos…a potential endgame scenario where capitalist fundamentalism invites a counter force…like King Kong vs Godzilla. Alpha males attempting to assert their
dominance over each other using a show of force. Rather than appearing strong, however such tactics are now seen as desperate acts by the wounded masculine to compensate for his lack of inner strength. What passes for leadership has become a parody, transparent even to our children. This empowers the younger generations to change the world, without looking to government to save them like previous generations who were naive in their trust of authority.
So bless ‘what is’ and watch it transform. If not itself, then as a catalyst. Nothing is what it seems. For the old paradigm to change, it must completely dissolve.

Blessings on your day