Moon is now moving from Aquarius into Pisces So this is certainly a good day to take it easy & move into a more reflective mode, especially if you have been pushing it in the lead up to the calendar New Year.

With the moon phase waxing, you may start to feel more optimistic about future plans (moon in Aquarius) while contemplating the lessons of your past (moon moving into Pisces) so you can apply lessons learned to 2020.

This would be a good day for some quality alone time, such as a gentle walk or journal writing. If you’re thinking of going to any New Year celebrations – know that you may try things you later regret as it’s hard to think clearly when the moon is void.

Pisces also heightens our sensitivities, so you will probably feel more scattered & drained by all the energies in the artificial environment of bars or clubs. If you have to work in such an environment or be around people who drain you, I recommend visualizing yourself in a Selenite crystal pyramid with the words, ‘Only love & light shall pass’ etched into the walls with an om symbol then surround it in an orb of violet flames. This will help maintain strong energetic boundaries & anchor your Higher Self to help you respond with grace to whatever comes your way.

May you enter the new year celebrating yourself

Blessings on your day,