Happy new year! Moon is now in Pisces, so don’t be surprised if it rains – more common when the moon moves through a water sign.

Pisces heightens our sensitivities so this is a good time to do something soothing that helps to slow down & calm yourself so your inner self becomes still like a lake without ripples. If you’ve been doing a lot lately, it may be hard to rest your mind even if you stop to rest physically so give you mind a gentle task to focus on, especially something that uses the element of water – such as painting with water colors.

It doesn’t matter what you paint – from a bowl of fruit, the sky at dusk or whether you find somewhere scenic such as a local park or place of natural beauty – just focusing on becoming one with beauty will bring you into a centeredness with your own soul.

You could even encourage your kids to paint with water on concrete or paving tiles or create an underwater garden by placing flowers or shells in a jar of water. When we align with the element of water, we relax into a state of allowing ‘what is’ & going with the flow, rather than judging or holding on to rigid viewpoints. This can be helpful to remember during the holidays when we often spend more time with loved ones which can act as a trigger for our sensitivities.

So if you feel people getting prickly – ‘take them to the water’ by visiting a local lake for a stroll, picnic or game of frisbee, or take a long slow bath. If you find yourself reaching for another glass of wine – self-soothing with liquid, chances are you could use some quality water time.

To watch Al Green performing ‘Take Me to the River’ on the 70’s music show, ‘Soul Train’ visit:

Blessings on your day