Moon is making her way to Pisces today so you may sleep more heavily than usual & have vivid dreams.

It is ideal if you can avoid setting an alarm so you can return from the dreaming state naturally – spending time in that sleepy / wakeful state to integrate what you have journeyed in your dreaming.

In traditional cultures you never woke a seer as to rip then suddenly out of their dreaming was dangerous to their psyche. This is because it doesn’t allow us time to gather all of our soul fragments from beyond the veil.

When we have this awareness we see how our regimented alarm clock driven culture contributes to our modern stress & high rates of mental health disorders.

If you can, sleep with the curtains slightly apart so you return from the dreaming gradually with the return of the light.

Regardless of all the things our mind wants to achieve, when we are tired we must rest – sleep & rest are underrated in our productivity driven culture but it is during these states we do our most important work.

Blessings on your day & your slumber,