Moon is waxing in Pisces so don’t be surprised if your dreams take you back to your past, to feel & release emotion that’s been residing, unexpressed in your cells.

Pisces is the final sign in the astrological mandala so when the moon transits through this sign we often revisit the past in some way. We may bump into someone we used to know, encounter a catalyst that evokes old memories or gain clarity into how we have repeated past patterns so we can identify karmic lessons & make more empowered choices.

Since this is the sign of karmic ties…chances are, those who come to mind today are those you have unresolved lessons with. If you can, find some time alone near or in a body of water so your mind can become still like a pond enabling you to scry into your past & see it with the clarity of the inner witness.

If you have not been able to access your feelings, you may experience a catalyst to crack you open & become truly available to yourself again.

During a Pisces transit we can really value time spent alone in peaceful solitude so don’t judge yourself for needing time apart, this is the inner wise woman wanting to sit with the space of pure potential – to rest in the stillness of Great Mystery. (It is not a sign you will end up living along with 86 cats & whose to say you wouldn’t enjoy that anyway!)

Luna will form a square (challenging aspect) to Mars so you may
feel more accident prone with an inner tension today.
Moon conjunct with Neptune adding to the dreamy state of Pisces.

Blessings on your day,