Moon is in Pisces, you may feel stretched or challenged more than usual as we approach the new moon in Pisces today, the most sensitive moon on every level.

Do not try to suppress your sensitivity. This only leads one to become increasingly manic, then hysterical & crack up as the pressure builds from within. Instead, let yourself acknowledge & feel any fears, insecurities or anxieties. Then breathe into them to let them go. Let them out on a big sigh or a moan. This will help you come back to a place that’s centered, grounded & connected. From there, you are much better equipped to deal with any challenges that come your way.

With the current influences, you will probably feel more sensitive than usual to sound, to light, to environments & people who are insensitive. You will probably also be more energetically affected by those who say one thing but whose energetic intent feels incongruent. This is the window to REALLY trust your intuition – or you may live to regret it over the next 6 months – the karmic fall out period of the eclipse.

Our inner knowing is never wrong. It is our sense of what is true beyond the glamour of projected personas, false promises & ‘spin’. All we have to do is attune to how people, places & situations feel to us & we have our answer, without the paralysis of over-analysis.

The more you honour your feelings, the stronger they will get & the easier life will be. Let the truth of ‘what is’ surfacing & present within you be your guide, regardless of the justifications, explanations or projections imposed upon you as distractions.

Now is the time to let your inner self lead the way.

Blessings on your day,