Our moon is now waxing in Pisces, giving us the ability to intuit exactly what needs to happen in every area of our life in accordance with highest wisdom.

So throughout the day or evening try to notice the subtle, quiet thoughts, feelings, urges or hunches which will never demand your attention the way the busy mind does. These soft urgings are never wrong…but we have to slow down, drop from racing around in our head to attune to our bodies, hearts & energy fields to notice them & act upon them. This is specifically what Pisces gifts us – the ability to notice.

We all have the gift of second sight, hearing, sensing & knowing – like any muscles, they get stronger the more we acknowledge them. We have been taught that to acknowledge them is mad or even evil. It is madness to not listen to the perceptions of our subtle senses which guide us from the totality of our soul self. Equally, to refute an aspect of who we are is anti-life.

So love your sensitivities by listening & they will guide you well – now & always.

With Luna sextiling Jupiter this is a great time to study, this aspect also will help communication of any feelings that are rising to the surface due to  the Moon in sextile to Pluto, clearing the way.

Blessings on your day,