Moon is waning in Pisces. A great time for reflection & distilling of wisdom. Pay attention to any gut feelings or hunches as Pisces heightens our 6th sense which is never wrong.

It’s therefore a really good time to give or receive an oracle reading.

Last quarter moon in Pisces is an optimal time to take a vow of silence…now before you laugh me into next Sunday, consider trying it for 30 mins.

Or perhaps try entering into a state of true communion by eating your next meal in silence, to bring your full awareness into what your taking into your body & gratitude for it.

Only when we make a conscious choice to enter into the peace of quietude do we enter into a state of full presence with ourselves, without distraction.

Why now? Pisces evokes the inner mystic. By stilling the chatter of the mind all becomes clear and by honouring our sensitivity during this transit we calm past ripples that disturbed our emotional and mental well being, soothing our nervous system which underpins the frequency of intent we send out into the world, creating our reality.

Pisces can magnify our anxieties and worries, causing us to manifest our fears…so remember, the mystic within and what you create shall be done with reverence.

Luna is in conjunction to Mercury, creating balance between your thoughts and feelings, assisting you to find a harmonious sense of wellbeing.  

Blessings on your day,